Me And…welcome to my blog.


I typed the two words in the title of this blog and my computer instantly supplied meander as a possible completion. That made me smile for two reasons. First of all, “ME AND” with the addition of an ellipsis, was all I intended for the title. Secondly, meander is such a lovely, old fashioned word. It’s most often used to describe a a person walking in a manner that is not quick or direct. I was delighted by how appropriate the word meander was for my new blog.

Once a week, I intend to meander, metaphorically speaking, through my memories of historical, cultural, and personal life experiences and write some of them down here.

Just in case all this slow, aimless wandering around in my head sounds terribly boring, the title of my next blog will be “ME AND… the day I found myself in the sights of six high powered rifles held by men in the Secret Service.”

See you next Friday,


36 thoughts on “Me And…welcome to my blog.

    1. Ha! No, this story as nothing to do with the trip to Spain and Italy I did with your mom and daughter last spring. Be sure to check back on Frid ay. This story is a doozy AND INCLUDES A CAMEO APPEARANCE BY A FAMOUS SPORTS FIGURE.

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  1. HI Jean – great start! Your top picture is very similar to Gail and my view from our fifth floor condo here in Costa Rica. The white sand beach is Playa Blanco which we walk (almost) every morning at 7. The extension of land perpendicular to the beach is called Punta Leona (Lion Point) so named because the trees have golden blossoms in February which resembled a lion’s mane to the early explorers. So where is the scene really? [Yes, the email is my main one.][I have no Facebook page.]


    1. Thanks so much, Jim. Loved your description of Costa Rica. Your wife and you are very lucky. If you click on the follow tab at the bottom right of your screen, you’ll get an email with direct link to a new post every Friday.


  2. Jean I have asked to follow. I will pass on your blog sight to all the 1961 classmates I have emails for and my husbands 1959 class as well. I hope this gets you many followers. Also, Bob Jenkins a 1954 Railsplitter puts out a newsletter twice a year, I will see if he will post something about it in the next newsletter. It reaches many graduation years. Do I tell them to go to “meand2016” ?


    1. Thanks, Dianne. All of that would be very helpful. The link is

      Clicks on “like” and “follow” are greatly appreciated. I enjoy writing the posts knowing people are going to read them.


  3. Hi Jean! Don’t know if you remember me from our younger days growing up together in the Ford Blvd. neighborhood but I do remember you and Sheila. I would like to follow your blog. Sounds interesting!

    Jane Williard Marshall


  4. I certainly do remember you! How nice to be in touch again. I hope you are well. Are you still in the Detroit metro area. I’m going to be visiting my sister this spring/summer. It would be nice to see you.


    1. Yes it is for me to. Tell Shiela I said hi. I live in South Carolina. Don’t get back to the downriver area much. My family all live here too so no reason to really travel there. I am well and doing good. Thank you. It is nice to be in touch for me also.

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