Me And…welcome to my blog.


I typed the two words in the title of this blog and my computer instantly supplied meander as a possible completion. That made me smile for two reasons. First of all, “ME AND” with the addition of an ellipsis, was all I intended for the title. Secondly, meander is such a lovely, old fashioned word. It’s most often used to describe a a person walking in a manner that is not quick or direct. I was delighted by how appropriate the word meander was for my new blog.

Once a week, I intend to meander, metaphorically speaking, through my memories of historical, cultural, and personal life experiences and write some of them down here.

Just in case all this slow, aimless wandering around in my head sounds terribly boring, the title of my next blog will be “ME AND… the day I found myself in the sights of six high powered rifles held by men in the Secret Service.”

See you next Friday,